Exclusive Interview: Tommie King

December, 23, 2017

You’re currently living in Atlanta right? How do you think the city has influenced the music you make?

Yea born and raised in Atlanta my whole life. I try not to put too much thought into keeping up with "the Atlanta sound" though, I love the music here and how influential it's become as the forefront of hip hop. I draw inspiration from the music that meant something to me when it was just a dream for me. Like ‘dedication 2’ and ‘drought 3’. A lot of Wayne from that era; I actually still listen to it daily. I would say current Atlanta music doesn't influence me as much as classic, like Young Dro’s first album and watching T.I. become a mega success. Post Malone and J Cole are probably my biggest influences now to keep it 100 lol. As strange as that seems it gives me my own unique sound, blending in could help in the short run, but it'll be short lived. I want a legacy.

You started writing music at just nine years old, and recording at 11, tell us a little about your first projects and how they’ve influenced the music you make today.

So long since I've thought about that man wow. At first it wasn't much I really just liked to rhyme, I was always hoopin somewhere so I was always walking with a basketball. I'd try to dribble on beat and freestyle. I started recording when I found Napster because it gave me access to instrumentals for free. The first verse I ever wrote and recorded was to a song by Biggie and Bone Thugs. I had a line in PC microphone and 2 speakers I set on chairs, I'd sit on the floor and have to finish it one take perfect. I was recording off musicmatch jukebox so I couldn't edit anything ya know. So funny to think about that now. I remember recording over a lot of diplomats records. At that time Lloyd Banks was my favorite, I was trying to rap like banks.

What was the inspiration behind dead up? Tell us a little about the song.

Music is a time marker for me at this point. Like a audible collage of my life. The past few years have been a calculated plan that my team and I developed and are now executing. That song marks a moment I can look back and say I was starting to figure it out. That's when I got serious about my craft and started building a name for myself and my team, when it was clearly obvious I belong in the game.


And how about the music video?

I want the city to know I'm coming. We're gaining eyes on us at a rapid rate and it's only going to grow. The stadium shots are my way to show respect for my home. Hence the matching Falcons jacket, red drop and I scouted it to know the stadium would be red on a Sunday night during the shoot so we could just pull up there and do it. People can definitely look forward to high quality visuals from us. Always. It's another way I can show my  talent through art so it's important to me.


With recent successes and a good amount of media attention, what can we expect from you in 2018?

To start, my album Axiom. It's already done, I'm just polishing every song and taking it single by single until the time is right. I've yet to use my high cards, my next release is a song with Cy Hi . A major influence on me and someone I've always looked up to. We come from the same place in Atlanta. Also, shout out to Mac Steve for making that feature possible, Mac Steve is a legend where I'm from and he's put a hand in when I've needed it. I also have a feature from Snootie Wild which he also plugged me with. And I got a Chief Keef feature on tuck as well. But they'll be released when the time is right. If I've learned anything it's this game is Chess and I'm trying to stay a few moves ahead.