Rising Artist Interview: Squired

1. Give us a little background on who you are & where you're from.
What’s up, my name’s Sean, I grew up in New Jersey, but now I live here in New York City!

2. When did you start making music was it as a solo project or was Opvs the beginning for you? and was there anything that influenced you in to get started?
I first started producing by myself almost 7 years ago and at the time, like most people, I had no idea what I was doing.

3. How have your influences changed from your start to your current position in the industry?When I was a kid I took drum and guitar lessons for years so I was always super into rock music. The first real electronic music I heard was dubstep like 10 years ago. I was just really intrigued by the sound of it. To be honest, I didn’t really like it, at first but I had never heard anything like it before.  

From there I just started listening to more and more genres of electronic music and diving deeper into that world. When I found Skrillex that changed everything for me. His production was just so crazy and made me want to start producing myself. That said, the first style of music that I actually starting creating was progressive house in the vein of Deadmau5 and Avicii. Honestly, I was making horrible music then, nothing that I was ever proud of...

What I think really changed my style of music and helped it to develop into what it is now was when I discovered artists like Flume, Mr. Carmack, RL Grime, and What So Not. Their music had a huge impact on me! While I’m still influenced by those artists to this day, I am currently really inspired by Tame Impala, Jerry Folk and Alex Lustig to name a few. It’s always funny to look back now and see how much my musical taste and interests have changed.

4.On to your music, was there any inspiration the new release Burn? Can you give us a little insight on your creative process behind how you start working on a song?

“Burn” is a track I finished for the most part over a year ago.  When I first started working on it I remember wanting to make something very cinematic and atmospheric, but also wanted it to have this tight, high-power energy to it. I actually worked on the song for a bit with my dude, BVNDS who is an insane producer, but he decided to take a break from writing electronic music so I ended up just finishing it on my own. The original idea I had for “Burn” was completely different than what you hear today. Similar to with my musical taste it's always amazing looking back at a finished song and seeing just how much the direction moved away from the initial idea.

5. You have a unique sound, and have been coming out with songs that are just so easy to keep on repeat. They are definitely a step up and show a lot of promise as you continue to grow in your career, that being said you've had the opportunity to collab with some dope artists, which was your favorite and can you tell us how it went down?
Every artist I’ve worked with is amazing, but I’d have to say the most interesting was working with my friend Minit. He’s from South Korea and had emailed me asking if I’d wanna work on a song with him. He sent me over stems for what would become our song “Awake”.  I really liked the vibe that he created, so I started working on it and out came that collab!

One of the coolest things about that project was working through the language barrier since his first language wasn't English. It was amazing to be able to solely communicate through the music in sending each other back and forth edits of the track. I just love meeting and working with artists from all around the world and different walks of life. The idea that we can create a dope song and connect through the music is amazing to me.

6. We've also seen you're playing live shows more and for some serious artists, can you fill us in on anything you're currently working on or any shows you got coming up?
For sure!  I just played a show the other week at Brooklyn Steel here in NYC with Snakehips and Pluko. It was incredible, Brooklyn Steel is one of the coolest venues I’ve played and it was the biggest crowd I’ve ever played too. I had so much fun and was able to play a lot of my own music as well as some unreleased stuff. All I can say about future shows is that I will be playing a lot of them next year...

7. Finally with such growth and a successful year coming to a close are there any big announcements we can look forward to in the new year?
I have a lot of stuff coming next year.  Sadly I can’t talk about any of it yet, but I am so excited about everything going on and I know it’s gonna surprise a lot of people. I do have a bunch of originals and remixes coming out real soon though!

8. If you could spend a day with any musician dead or alive who would it be and why?
Skrillex. He is someone who influenced me from the beginning and I still love all his work today.  He is just one of the most diverse producers that I can think of. I met him in 2013 and he was one of the nicest people I've ever met. I saw him live again this summer in Japan at Fuji Rock, and he just has this rockstar quality about him and I love it. Being able to get in the studio with him is definitely a dream of mine.

9. If you could go back and give yourself some advice what would it be?
Take piano lessons.

10. What's your favorite plugin to use when making music?
Omnisphere and Keyscape definitely.

11. What's something that helps you get over creative block if you ever experience it? (Lucky if you haven't)
Really just walking away from my computer and taking a break. Sometimes a week, maybe even longer depends on what I feel I need.  I feel like sitting in your bedroom all day can be really uninspiring if all you’re doing is staring at your computer screen and wall. Going for a walk, playing video games, going to eat somewhere new. Just getting out of your head for a little bit and then coming back to writing has always worked for me.