Exclusive Interview: Sammi Constantine

March, 23, 2018

Has music always been something you wanted to pursue, and when did you really start to get serious with it?

I have always been a creative person, weather it was art, music or dance. I discovered my passion for writing first, as a form of self expression and a way to reach people after a 6 week forced stay in Westmead hospital at the age of 16. Upon my discharge i realised that music was an incredibly therapeutic way to spend my time but also it could also really help other people too. I spent 5 years writing and experimenting with sounds. In 2015, I released my first EP titled “Small”. I had no idea what i was doing but the EP did ok considering and it made me super excited to take it next level. After that I decided to really invest everything into my music and as a result i gained Triple J Radio support, amongst many other stations around the country and all of a sudden my fan base started to build.

Has there been anything that's really influenced the style of music you make?

In terms of the production sonics and genre that I make/like, I think I’m pretty inspired by everything! I love RnB, Pop, electro-pop and even hip hop but I also love stripping it back and just hearing someone on a guitar or a piano. I’m also stupidly obsessed with Halsey and her lyrics. I also really really vibe Aurora, Sigrid and Vera blue. All female artists for me are an influence for me!!

All your music has a really good vibe to it, always easy to throw on an make some one smile, when you write your music can you give us a bit of background on your process and what you think about when starting a song?

THANK YOU!! I'm very inspired by people and the fact that no one has the same story. I draw lyrical concepts and stories from personal experiences mostly. Most of my music is a story about my life or somebody else. Weather it's sad, happy, saucy or completely random, there's ALWAYS a story behind it!!

What was it like to perform at your first show, what emotions were you feeling? Have you ever been anywhere in public and heard your music playing, if so, what did that feel like?

Being on stage is where I actually feel most myself and completely comfortable! Of course I get a little nervous sometimes but something my dance teacher told me years ago that always stuck with me was “Butterflies mean you care, if you didn’t feel a thing then it obviously doesn’t mean anything to you’. Its such a rush! I've been working out at the gym and shopping and heard a recent collaboration I did with Mashd N Kucther “Need Me” playing on the speakers…. The first time that happened to me, I filmed the entire thing so I could remember it forever because it was such a dream come true!!! completely surreal but AMAZING! 

So the song we are featuring is Through My Clothes, which is an amazing song, can you give us a little background on this song?

Sure! “Through My Clothes” is a message and a reminder to myself to not let anybody lie their way into my heart again. Its essentially a break up song that tells my story about being fooled into love.  I actually wrote this song in LA with the feature on the song Jerry Good and a good friend of mine Aaron Lee (AIRPORTS) It all came about very quickly actually. It started with the guitar riff in the intro that i was just playing over and over again. I had most of the lyrics in my notes already too.

Aside from your own music, you've been featured in some pretty big electronic music tracks, can you fill us in on how you've made those connections, and if they've lead you to any cool opportunities? 

Yes! 2017 consisted of loads of collaborations for me including most recently “Need Me” which I wrote with DJ duo Mashd N Kutcher. https://UMA.lnk.to/needme  Essentially Its all networking and making friendships! I met the Mashd N kutcher boys through a mutual friend. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to perform with the boys too. We performed for Novas Red room just a few weeks ago with was wicked! http://bit.ly/MNK-NOVA

So the music you've been putting out originals/covers are absolutely amazing because you have such a beautiful voice, are you currently working on any new projects or prepping for any shows? Any big things in the works that your fans, and new fans (people reading) should be getting excited for as today is the first day of spring and summer is only right around the corner!?

Thank you so much!! YES! I have a new single coming very soon!! I'm also playing a festival in Old Bar called Ocean Rhythm’s festival on the the 21st April. Amy Shark is headlining too!! Its an all female line up which I’m super pumped about!!