Exclusive Interview: Naxxos

January, 7, 2018

Were both of you involved with music before meeting each other? If so, how? 

Max: I kinda won a teen competition and was allowed to play a slot at the festival where we met. We've known each other from school, but I was two grades above Chris before I graduated so we barely got to know each other before that. I did know that he was making music too, and digged his productions too, but we never really approached each other. Not until the festival at least. After that It kinda clicked and we've been working together ever since.  Before that I had classic piano lessons for years as a kid. It wasn’t until after graduating high school that a friend of mine who really wanted to make some Hip-Hop tunes showed me a few DAWs. I got hooked immediately and started watching hours maybe weeks worth of tutorial videos on how to produce on a computer. After that it didn’t take me long to discover soundcloud and that Chris had been on a similar journey. 

Chris: I played the guitar and sang in a band during my time in school which is kind of how I got involved with making music. After switching to electronic music a few years later I really got hooked though. I started producing drum and bass and went to several electronic music festivals. That's when I met Max. Since we were in the same school I knew he was making music as well - so we met up for a producing session. 

After meeting in 2010 when did you decide to start pursuing music full-time?

Max: Before that I guess. It always worked out to have a job or my rather intensive medicine studies "on the side”. Right now I’m finishing my last year of med-school, and frankly the past few years have been quite exhausting trying to fit two lives into my daily schedule, but in the end you’re always rewarded if you continue pursuing things in life you love. 

Chris: I started studying sound engineering in 2012 which opened a lot of doors for me. Not only was I able to focus on music but also understand the industry. Ever since I finished my studies I've had a few jobs that were always easily compatible with Naxxos.

Your early releases such as Bangui & New Orleans carry a more tropical vibe then the future bass infused music you’ve been releasing recently, when did you decide to switch up your production style?

Well, we kinda helped pioneer that sound according to some people. Not to sure about that, but we grew fed up with it really quickly and It felt like being stuck in a loop. We started Naxxos as a project to vent creativity and ended up being limited by new borders. In the very first place, long before Naxxos, we used to produce more heavy hitting stuff like Drum and Bass and tried our own style by emulating early days Major Lazer/Diplo kinda stuff. Future Bass is like a good mix between our roots and how we've evolved over the years. In a way it's like going one step back, but two forth. We've also learned from that experience and made it our prime rule to always evolve our music without thinking about how people will react. Obviously it'll always stay electronic, but who knows how it's gonna sound like in a few years!

What’s been your favorite show you’ve played this year? Why was this one special in particular? 

We had a really nice gig in Canada last year. First of all the show took place at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, which was a crazy venue to start with. But to top it off there we’re these huge dinosaurs and standing between the legs of a huge skeleton while spinning a few track was kinda crazy. The special thing about the show itself was that it was a private party, which was a first for us, but we had the chance to stay a few days and the promoters really integrated us in their circle. We even watched the previous season finale of Game of thrones with them, and we’re we still in contact with them because we had such a nice time. I guess that's rather special because you don't get that often while touring the world.

As 2017 comes to an end, what can your fans look forward to in the new year; any new releases or big shows coming up?

We're kinda still in between releases. Our debut EP "Animal" was released earlier in December and we flew to London just a few weeks back and had the chance to meet up with Dionne Bromfield & Raphaella who sang Animal & Paper Tiger. It was really exciting to see them again and finally be able to play the finished songs live. So yeah there's that, we're definitely moving away from DJing and we'll release a few singles over the coming year, that's for sure.