Exclusive Interview: Galvanic

December, 29, 2017

You’ve built an impressive audience on YouTube, have there been challenges for you as you grow your audience on other platforms such as Soundcloud?

I think in the long run, YouTube has been much more challenging to grow an audience on. My YouTube channel is based on music promotion for other aritsts (rather than myself), which helped me grow, because I could upload a wide range of music. Still though, electronic music is very popular in the YouTube industry, and is a very saturated market. This makes it difficult to find original music to upload, videos that will still pull in views. SoundCloud was definitely very tough at the start, because with low follower amounts you can't really repost trade, and bigger labels often-times don't give you much of a chance. Once I surpassed around 1,000 followers however, I started getting my name out. Overall, Spotify is definitely the most difficult to grow an audience on, because there are not many easy ways to promote, or get your music into playlists. I was lucky enough to be featured in the Discover Weekly multiple times, bringing my monthly listeners over 75,000 at one point. 

Is there anything that really inspired/inspires you to make music.

My inspiration to make music definitely began with my YouTube channel. Because I was uploading and promoting other trap artists, I built curiosity on how they were making all this amazing music. Eventually I did some research, and ended up getting FL Studio 11 that's where it all began for me. Today, I'm often inspired by my friends who make it big in the music industry. I've watched several blow up, and land deals with Spinnin', Lowly Palance, and more big labels.   

When did you get your first big label release on Soundcloud? How’d it feel?

My first big label release was around a year ago with Trap Network (37k). This may not have been huge, but it still felt amazing. I felt like I was finally making some progress, and actually had a chance at becoming a skilled and well known producer. 

Do you have any tips or advice you’d like to give young producers like yourself who are just starting to build an audience?

As a young producer trying to build an audience, I definitely struggled with getting plays on my tracks. It's very frustrating when you think you have the talent to get at least some recognition, but are getting little to none. The key is to reach out to people. Connections are everything in today's music industry. When I was released on Trap network I only had a few hundred followers, which really shows that your followers and plays don't always dictate how good your music is. Reaching out to bigger producers is a great way too. I'm always replying to my messages, and currently collaborating with a couple artists that are under 100 followers. Many other producers don't care about how popular you are, and would rather find someone (you) with talent to work with. 

After such a successful 2017, what can we expect for the new year?

Late 2017 has been amazing, and I've really evolved as a producer. For the new year, expect some new styles, I recently dropped a little acoustic for everyone on my SoundCloud, and plan on releasing more tracks with my vocals soon (even some RnB, indietronic, etc)! I have some huge collaboration tracks coming soon, and possibly some big label releases, so stay tuned!