Exclusive Interview: VRS.US

March, 31, 2018

VRS.US so great to have you on board! Can you give us a little background on you (your life, what got you into music, any other background that may be important) to start for the people who may not be familiar with you?

Thanks mate, it's great to be doing this release with you. My path in music started in rock music, before starting VRS.US I was playing with Dead Letter Circus on guitar and keys. That experience really shaped my interest in honing my skills in song writing. As I started to get more into electronic music I was really appreciating all the weird and futuristic sounds that could be made outside of a standard rock context. I guess that curiosity was the spark that started VRS.US.

Great, now on the next one, Australia, pretty cool place, has living here had been influential to your production style?

I definitely listen to a lot of Australian acts new and old. There's often a certain flavor there that I really connect with, but it's hard to describe. One thing that we're really lucky to have is Triple J which has exposed me to a lot of new music I wouldn't normally hear.

All the music on your page is great, and some have the numbers to really prove it! Can you give us a little insight on your musical process? 

Thanks. I've actually taken about 12 months off from releasing music, laying low and working hard on improving my songwriting, sound design and mixes. These days I try to commit early and trust my initial instincts. With the remix, I first worked out how I wanted the song to feel just on piano with Sammi's vocal. From there I pulled apart the basic structure and grew all the sounds until I was happy with the final product. 

Now on to the remix... How did you get connected with Sammi, and what made you choose the song Through My Clothes (bedsides the incredible vocals)?

Sammi and I had been chatting for a while on and off, I'd been following her music for a while and really like what she does both lyrically and the emotion she injects into her songs. I heard Through My Clothes and immediately felt like I could do something with the instrumentation that could reveal another side of what she's singing about. I hit her up and that's how it got started!

The remix is absolutely killer, and is going to be great to drop at shows now that summer is only around the corner! Do you have any plans to preform this year?

Yes I really want to get out there! I had big plans to release music in 2017, but spent most of the year developing and refining my sound. There might be a chance of some performances in the second half of 2018!

For all your fans, and the new ones reading now, what can we expect for the rest of 2018, new remixes, originals, or anything that you've been working on as a follow up to this release?

Yes definitely expect more new music! I'm already working on some at the moment, both originals and remixes. I actually really enjoy doing both for different reasons. I want 2018 to be a year of releasing new music and connecting with new fans.