Exclusive Interview: Realname McCoy

June, 6, 2018

For those that don't know you, the soon to be fans, and the common readers, give us a little background on who you are, when you started making music, and what influences you!

My mother is from St. Louis, Missouri & my father is from Washington, DC. which pretty much makes up the story of my upbringing. A Midwest kid with an east coast style.

I’ve been making music for as long as I can remember. When I was in grade school, my uncle & cousin created a rap duo and would write/record songs around me. I thought it was the dopest shit ever, so I would write bars in the cut while they would work on music. I was trying to write something good enough to get on a track. At the time all I knew was action figures and snacks, so that’s all I would write about hahaa.

Fast forward to college, and I ended up starting a rap duo with my homie Sur Jazz. We did our thing in Baltimore & DC for a few years under the moniker Beyond Modern (you can still find stuff on youtube and soundcloud). We both ended up moving to New York, and during that time he decided he wanted to focus on production & DJ’ing. That’s when I first started working on the solo music as Realname McCoy.

A lot of my music is influenced by either past relationships with the women I’ve encountered in my life, or from conversations in my daily group chat with the homies.

When did you decide you wanted to release a full ep? What was the creative process like outside the music getting everything ready for the big release.

I have so much music written and recorded. Since I’ve been writing music as a solo act, I just always felt like nothing was good enough. I was overthinking and over-planning everything, so I finally decided to put some of the music I was hoarding out into the world. “but what’s your realname?” is pretty much an introduction to who I am. I don’t make one type of music, or a specific sound. I listen to so many different types of music and I don’t want to limit my sound or put myself into a box, so this project was kind of like a sampler platter of what you can expect from me in the future.

You obviously have a different relationship with the music since you were the one making it, which song was the toughest to make and which was the most fun for you, give us a little background on both.

Honestly, I think Optional was the toughest song to finish. I couldn’t get the hook right for it. Rewrote it several times, re-recorded it even more times. I would hit the studio, get the hook mixed, then change my mind about it over and over again hahaaa. When we finally got it right it was such a relief, and made the song so much more enjoyable.

I think the song that was the most fun to work on was Peer Pressure. My homie Fresco (who shot the cover art) was in the studio capturing some footage, then Deron pulled up with his squad. I never have extra people just chilling in the studio with me, so it was kind of cool having people in there vibing and joking around.

Then Ace Ono pulled up like a movie star with a tiny puppy in her purse hahahaa. I literally just wanted her to lay some background vocals over my bridge after the 2nd verse, but she was vibing heavy and laid down that whole ending part off the top of her head. It was just a fun creative situation creating Peer Pressure.

This project is clearly amazing (will link out to the album) can you walk us through your creative process and how you’ve collaborated with other people featured on your tracks/producers.

Thank you for those kind words, man. While writing the songs for this EP, I wasn’t writing knowing that these songs would be on a project together. That may be the reason why none of the songs really sound the same. I was just writing whatever, whenever inspiration struck.

The song that really started it all was probably “Limbo”, which was produced by a New Zealand based producer, The Official, and features the homie Dru Oliver. Dru was one of the first artists I met after I moved to NYC 3yrs ago from DC. We would kick it uptown and play each other unreleased music. He has this crazy knack for melody, so I thought that contrast would work really well with my busy flow I had on that song. Sent it to him, and he sent it right back in a matter of days with a fire verse.


What can we expect now that the ep is out? Do you have any shows/festival appearances coming up this summer?

More music, and more videos. Shows will be coming soon. Still trying to get my catalog up for now, but live shows are definitely on the agenda. For right now,  have more jams in the holster ready to go at any minute.