Exclusive Interview: Opvs

April, 9, 2018


So as we understand Opvs was originally a duo, what made you decide to pursue solo acts, and do you have any plans to collaborate in the future?

Sean and I worked together for over two years growing Opvs, and it is crazy to look back at some of the things we were able to achieve together. He definitely made me a significantly better producer, and I think it is safe to say neither of us would be where we are at today without leaning on each other. 

As a duo it can get hard to find your own artistic vision, and that is what we were struggling with. Making music is such a personal experience, and it can get hard to try to translate the state of mind you are trying to express in a song to someone else. Both of us grew a lot and started taking our sounds to different places, so we thought rather than hold each other back, lets just go for it on our own. We are still very good friends and support each other in any way possible, so I am excited to see where he takes his sound!

We aren’t collaborating on music at the moment but we are going to be playing a show together at the Mercury Lounge on April 28. I’ll be in the crowd wilding for his set and him for mine so I’m really looking forward to that.  

How did you come up with the name Opvs, and does it have any significant meaning to you?

I get asked this a lot actually because at first people don’t really know what to make of the name. Sean and I called the project “Opvs” as a play on the music term “opus,” which is a large scale artistic work, usually made up of multiple artists. It means a lot to me because it represents the focus on collaboration I have for my music, whether that be with Sean or my other friends that I work with. 

Has living in New York influenced your music and the relationships you’ve made with other musicians? How?

Oh absolutely. Living in a place like New York constantly keeps me motivated and inspired. I never know what I am going to see or who I am going to meet. Plus, everyone is hustling. I work and chill with a lot of the Clive Davis kids at NYU and they are on a next level of artistic capability. Anytime I work with them it forces me to step outside of my comfort zone, which is great.

Being in New York has also allowed me to grow a much larger fan base by playing shows and just being a member of this community. A lot of people know of Opvs before they know me, which I find funny. I have met people that have been like “Oh shit! You’re the Opvs dude??” Even walking around my library at school I’ve seen people listening to my songs, its surreal. 

On to the release ‘Remember’ How did you and G.KNOW meet?

G.KNOW’s song ‘Rosetta’ was the first recommended song on Soundcloud for my song ‘Say My Name’. I remember it automatically playing after my song ended and it blew me away. I DM’d him and we started sharing ideas with each other.

How is the work flow of a project effected by collaborating with some one like G.KNOW who lives on the west coast, were there any challenges you had while putting together this amazing release?

It is always really seamless working with him. I think we finish our collabs in just a few days of sending it back and forth. We work reallyyyyy well together. We’re always on the same page with the vibe we’re trying to achieve, and we get our sounds there pretty quickly. I think we play off of each other’s strengths better than any other artist I’ve worked with just because we approach songs very differently and freeing up a lot of space to experiment. We have three songs together and they are all so different, which is our goal, to make each song unique and catchy as fuck. 

Following that, what is your creative process, can you walk us through how you start your projects, and the different steps you take in order to get to a completed song?

Honestly it depends on my mood. I try to start ideas based off of what I am feeling at that very moment. Sometimes I will be really sad or really happy and write chords that show that, or other times I’ll be angry or annoyed and make a crazy drum pattern that is fucking chaos. 

I will know pretty quickly if it will get scrapped or Its something I will finish. If I can hold on to the vibe for a few hours I can outline an entire idea, then go back in and clean it up and work on the details. 

I went to a talk Pharrell had, and he said that music can be an act of reduction, not just creation, and that stuck with me. Ever since then I have tried to get all my ideas into a project and then after a break will go back into it and pick the parts I want to develop further. 

As a quickly growing artist with many great songs and collaborations surpassing 100k plays how does that make you feel, and what can your fans expect for the rest of 2018 (new music, official remixes, live shows)?

Haha I just smile when I think about how many people have heard and supported my music so far. My freshman year of college I started making music more seriously and it was soooo bad, my friends were nice enough to lie to me, but it was trash. I remember freaking out when I would get 30 plays, and now I’ve surpassed 3 million on all of the platforms. I feel very lucky to have people that follow and support me. 

I am really excited to show my fans what I have been working on since the ‘Remember’ release. I have some original songs that are unlike anything I have made before, and some official remixes that will be dropping (follow my instagram for previews @opvsmusic :D). I’m trying to make a big push on Spotify this spring, so stay tuned! 

Oh yeah and shows - definitely. I’ll be moving around a lot this summer so keep an eye out if I will be playing near you. And if you’re in NYC, you can come catch me a lot!