Exclusive Interview: dEVOLVE

February, 11, 2018

How long have you been making music and how did you discover your unique style?

Whats good! I’ve been making music for a while, exploring different genres from hip hop to big room EDM before I settled into my zone where I’m at now, and I really feel like that process led me to the prefect place. I think as a musician it’s important to try different things and learn about different genres so you can bring more to the table when you sit down to write songs.

When did you have the idea to start your own radio show? Did you have any prior experience in radio before?

Almost from the beginning of releasing music as dEVOLVE I wanted to find a way to showcase my music and my mixes. I pride myself on being a really good DJ, not just playing my songs and letting them ride like some of the artists in the EDM space who were never DJs before they started dropping records. I’ve had a chance to be around radio over the years, but really I didn’t want to do anything that felt like traditional radio. Once I started putting the pieces together, shout out to FYAH 105 in Jamaica for believing in my vision and DASH Radio/DJ Skee as well, I realized that I could also create a platform to share with my friends and other artists, a thought that sort of really developed when I joined the Flex Up Crew, which is a worldwide collective of Future Dancehall producers and artists. I saw a sick team with tons of talent that maybe I could help some of them get some exposure, and in return they too could help me grow the show. Seemed like a win-win.

Tell us about your experince working on your official remixes for Majorlazer and other big artists?

Every remix is sort of like a new situation. With Major Lazer, Walshy Fire was putting some remixes together from the Flex Up Crew that we were going to drop as a remix EP. From the first time I heard the Major Lazer “Know No Better” EP, “Particula” just jumped right out to me as my favorite song. Once I got my hands on the vocals I just locked in on it and did a few different versions before Walshy and I settled on the one that came out. On the flip side, I’ve done a couple official remixes for Atlantic Records (Portugal. The Man, Charlie Puth) and both of those were more hands off until I turned something in, and I just tried to take those records and really put my sound to them and make them something that could bang in the club and at shows.

How has being featured on Diplo's insanely popular Diplo & Friends radio show helped your career grow? Was there anything you did to prepare for your time on his show?

Being on Diplo & Friends (and also on Lazer Sound on Beats1) was a huge boost for my career. Its such worldwide audience- not just in the UK where it’s on the radio but people streaming it everywhere, I’m so grateful every chance I get someone new’s ears on my music, and that was an amazing opportunity to show what I’m about. As for preparing, I really went in the vault and played some things that were not really finished, stuff that has not come out yet, as well as made some new edits and remixes just for that show. I feel like when you get an opportunity like that, you need to approach it like this is sort of going to be your “resume” for a ton of people who don’t know who you are yet, so you better show your range, skills and creativity. 

Tell us a little bit about your latest song The Unknown, we love the catchy vibe, what was the inspiration behind this awesome track?

I’ve worked on a lot of songs over the years, but “The Unknown” is close to my favorite one ever. I got a chance to collaborate with Angela Hunte, who is just this amazing talent- both as writer and vocalist, and she really transcends genres which is something that I try to do myself. The last few years she had like some of the biggest Soca records, and then in 2017 she dropped this amazing roots reggae album. When we started working on “The Unknown”, I felt like we had something really relevant for the time we are living in, it had a really rebellious feel to it, and I feel like lyrically it really spoke to our generation, feeling like we are being ignored by the powers in our government and other elements of society- and how we are just “Unknown” faces to them. But we won’t be for long. And that's sort of the energy that propelled that track. 

After such a successful year with many amazing releases, starting your own radio show, and being featured on some of musics most coveted radio shows what can your fans look forward to in 2018?

More music! More shows! I have a ton of new music finished or that I’m finishing up that I’m making plans to release, including a super crazy EP that I can’t wait to release to the world. I’ll also be keeping up doing remixes both official and not, and I’ll be getting out on the road playing more shows this year. I just played my first show in New York City at Knitting Factory the first week of they year, and I can’t wait to continue bringing my sound and mashing up clubs and shows all over the country.