Exclusive Interview: Aries

January, 31, 2018

Coming from LA, do you think this has had an influence on the music you make, how so?

I'm actually currently based in orange county. I don’t think it’s had a huge influence, at least consciously because there's not to many people making music near me.

You have a massive following on YouTube (congrats) How did you start to grow an audience? Are you surprised with how fast your channels’ grown?

I started to grow an audience through those “in 2 minutes videos.” I never thought that this would be the thing to really put me out there. I filmed the first one because I was bored and had borrowed my friend’s camera for the weekend!

Want to give some pointers to kids/fans who may want to try and start a channel of their own!

Be yourself! It may sound cheesy but it matters a lot. There’s so many corny personalities on YouTube lol.

You’ve made some videos with Ramzoid, how was that experience?

Working with Ramzoid was great, he’s super dope. very down to earth guy! 

Ok, on to the new release, CAROUSEL, which is an awesome track by the way; where did the inspiration come from for this one?

Thank you! And the inspiration came from feeling like running in circles all the time, (like a carousel) whether it be with a girl or whatever. 

You’ve been producing and singing on your own tracks, how has that helped set you apart from other producers? What’s your creative process when writing a song?

Producing and singing has helped set me apart because I can truly create exactly what’s on my mind. I don’t have to ask someone to sing on my song for me because I need a certain melody, etc. and the creative process is different every time but I’ll spend hours just messing around with weird sounds till they sound cool!

Last Question! Who is someone you really want to collab with this year, why?

I'd love to collab with young thug! His voice is crazy to me and he creates the nicest melodies