Rising Artist Interview: Deerock

1. Give us a little background on who you are & where you're from.
DEEROCK of Long Island, NY, graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Computer Information Systems in December of 2017.  Over the last several years Deerock has channeled his passion for music creation to not only be invited to various collegiate events and fundraisers but also to perform as support for a plethora of talent in some of the country’s top rated venues.

2. When did you start making music and was there anything that influenced you in to get started?
I started out making mixes on Soundclound in January of 2016. I slowly starting getting into making mashup ups and putting acapella’s over different instrumentals in Janaury of 2017 and I started producing January of 2018.

3. How have your influences changed from your start to your current position in the industry?Nothing has really changed because I do not let it get in my head. We are all just the same people putting on a pair of pants everyday. I play a lot of shows with famous artists, but I am still the same kid who started making mixes in his room in front of a window.

4. On to your music, can you give us a little insight on your creative process behind how you go about starting a remix.
When I start a new remix, I go on a run and try and match the BPM of the acapella to my pace of how fast I want to run. As I am doing this I am thinking about what I am feeling. It really depends on the acapella/artist singing and what they’re voice portrays to me. For this cheat codes remix, I was able to close my eyes and feel like I was coming home to someone special. As I thought of that, I just think of really uplifting sounds.

5. With the release coming out on the major channel mr. revillz do you have any big follow up to keep the momentum going?
Yes, I currently have an official remix coming out for VAVO’s track “Right Now FT. Caroline Kole. At the moment the original is doing really well and is like in the top 50 tracks in US, so the remix was planned to come in February but it will end up coming out in March.

6. Besides making music, we know you’re an up and coming dj in the scene, are there any shows your really excited about for 2019?
I looking forward to potentially playing in Miami Music Week at some after parties. I do not really think long term because than you start comparing yourself to others, but short term I would like to be playing at a Miami Music Week after party.

7. What would be your dream festival/show to play?
I would love to play Fire Fly Music festival, which was my first ever music festival. It was like a group of 20 of my best friends and we always try and go back every year. If I ever said I was playing a set there, it would be my biggest ticket sales performance.

8. Tell us about the craziest experience you've had since starting your music career (something that happened at a show / in the studio or anything related to music)
My crazy experiences are just finding out I have a show like 1 week before every show and the booking agent say “Hey Deerock, we put on the set list for this show”. I literally have like 1 week to prepare ( which is hard with work and school) and also do not have CDJ’s to practice on so I have to go to guitar center for like 4-5 hours and camp out there to practice.

9. What are some of your goals for 2019, were you able to accomplish most of your goals for 2018?
Having people like you write about me is my biggest goal, just getting great channels and blog exposure.

10. If you could go back and give yourself some advice what would it be?

Collaborate with as many people as possible  

11. What's your favorite plugin to use when making music?


12. What's something that helps you get over creative block if you ever experience it? (Lucky if you haven't)
Realistically it happens all the time, I just come back to it the next day or just listen to other music.