Roland Greco

Rihanna - Kiss It Better (Roland Greco Remix)

Looking for some supper clean future bass, look no further, this remix has a smooth future bass drop and trappy vibe that will be sure to get your head bobbing to the beat!


Zack Kaiser

TunezUnknown - Thoughts In My Head

Song of the day:

If you’re looking for some chill vibes a smooth flow, and real lyrics take a listen to this fresh new song by TunezUnnkown and be sure to stay up to date with his social media @tunezunknown

Zack Kaiser
Dean Keeton

Thank us later....

This beat starts off so chill then the drums come in and it picks up with a funky vibe which we can't get enough of! If that wasn't enough I'm sure you can't pass up the beautiful sax. This song is a straight jam, take our word for it and listen below, you won't be disappointed. 

Dean Keeton - Speedway

Zack Kaiser
Bruno Martini & Zeeba

Looking for your new favorite song... you know the one you can just have on repeat for weeks? Take a minute to check this one out. With Me by Bruno Martini & Zeeba will definitely be one of these songs. Brilliantly smooth vocals, up beat drums and a great catchy guitar melody. This song has all the components of a hit!

Take a listen and enjoy the emotional ride with the amazing video below!

Zack Kaiser
Kur ft. PnB Rock

Dope song from Philly Native Kur, had to get this one up here! With a catchy chorus and a feature from PnB Rock this song really has it all. Great rap and a smooth chorus. Be sure to sit down chill out and turn up your speakers, listen to No Shine below!

No Shine - Kur ft. PnB Rock

Zack Kaiser
Clyde Kelly

Starting the year with his latest single 'Starvation' Clyde Kelly not only raps on the track but earns his first producer credit with this one as well! The beat is very simple letting the vocals shine in this one as Kelly raps for the people who strive to aim high in life but who are humble and don't need to brag about their ambition. Be sure to check out the lyric video below!

Starvation - Clyde Kelly




Zack Kaiser
HotBoy Slick

Simple beat and good vocals. A lot of music we get as submissions try to make crazy beats or put to many effects on the vocals. This right here is a perfect example of good vocals that are strong enough to stand alone on a chill well produced beat. Take a listen below and watch the video featuring HotBoy Slick's new song Everyday!

Zack Kaiser
Benny Mayne

Dam. This song vibes. 

Glad to welcome Benny Mayne to the blog because he deserves it on this one. Smooth vocals and sweet rnb vibes with a catchy beat; Bounce fits into any chill playlist wether you're just chilling after work or you have a your significant other over this song definitely sets a good vibe. Be sure to check him out because there's more to come!

Listen to Bounce below!

Zack Kaiser
Jenni W

Great vocals, relaxing guitar and a well produced video! Jenni W comes to us with a great chill song you'll definitely fall in love with. As her third release, 'Weakness' really highlights here vocal talent! This vocalist coming from Philadelphia is definitely someone to be on the look out for, and we can't wait to see what she has in store for 2018! 

Check out her music video for Weakness below!

Zack Kaiser

Looking for some chill vibes? Look no further, on his first release, L'KEEM completely kills this beat by sugiwa. Sugiwa brings an intricate melody with old school drums and chill piano that lets the vocals shine in this song. The vocals have a great vibe and flow very nice over the beat giving it an old school vibe that will leave you playing this on repeat! 

Check this awesome song out below!

Zack Kaiser
Party Pupils

You ever just find a song and have it on repeat for a few days, then find yourself getting sick of it? It happens to the best of us and our favorite songs become overplayed songs we have to skip because we're sick of them. Well.... this is definitely not the case with the Party Pupils

Every single song they release whether it be a remix or an original are all amazing! Finding the Party Pupils after their first release, their Miss Jackson remix, and only being at a crisp 982 soundcloud followers we knew these guys would blow up! With their unique funky party vibes and amazing vocals we expect big things for these guys in 2018. 

Take a listen to their music below, you won't be able to stop listening... you've been warned!!!

Zack KaiserComment

Looking for insanely good future bass, catchy vocals, and smooth piano? Atwood's 'Like You' featured on Off The Jump combines all three with great production and attention to detail. Insanely well mixed drums and a great break down help make the track stand out against most other future bass styled tracks. Take a listen below and hear for yourself!


Zack Kaiser

Stumbled across Love-Sadkid earlier this week and have to say we are impressed! With great lofi vibes, story telling lyrics, and awesome beats he's definitely an artist you should be listening to! Be sure to check him out on soundcloud, you'll have his music on repeat for days!

Here's our favorite track off his album Love, Sadkid

Zack Kaiser
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