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Dakwazi - red dot

To start the production on this is dope, if the music alone doesn’t have you hooked then Dakwazi’s smooth flow and catchy chorus will definitely have you coming back for more. Excellent vocals both singing and rapping Dakwazi really shows his talent on Red Dot, be sure to give him a follow and stay up to date on what hes got coming next!

Barcenilla - fallen

Smooth, beat and amazing vocals, definitely a vibe to kick back and chill to. The beat just has such a wavy vibe to it accompanied by really great vocals and relatable yet catchy lyrics. it’ll be tough to get this outta your head let alone keep that repeat button off this track after your first play. We really hope you enjoy this track as much has we do!

Krista Marina - Part of love (Sangarang remix)

So basically if you aren’t listening to Sangarang your missing out. To start off this is a dope remix, crazy good production on a track with killer vocals always leads to great results. If you haven’t checked him our be sure to hop on that. He is definitely on our artists to watch list not only because the music he makes is always killer but because he truely has a passion for what he does.

Aaron taos - bloom

He’s back again with the vibes on point as usual, Aaron Taos has us bobbing our heads the entire song. Bloom is about having a crush on your sisters friend, definitely not something everyone will be to happy about. “The song is my confession about this underlying tension and making the case to this person that we should give in to our feelings. It's the fantasy of letting our love blossom - a natural progression like the spring flowers in bloom.” Beautifully shot, well played and leaving us wanting more, Aaron is definitely a rising talent!

The bliss - happier (rookie remix)

Well it’s not officially summer until next month but this song has us feeling like it is. Such a catchy vibe and really clean drop, makes us want to bump this on the beach, at a party or just cruising with the windows down! Be sure to give it a listen and check out some more Rookie remixes because they are definitely talented as fuck.

skizzy mars - no advice

Dope new track by Skizzy Mars accompanied by a well produced video. This new single drops along with the announcement of a new album to look forward to later this summer! Definitely a new bop!


If you’re looking for chill vibes infused with all the feels, this one’s for you. In “Crying For You,” P-TAB uses a horn-led melody juxtaposed with a softer, subtler synth to build the perfect harmony, traversing genres to create a synergy of sound. While the track is infused with spirit and vitality throughout, it’s really the chorus that fosters your emotional investment - leaving you unable to resist singing and swaying right before the drop takes you away with all its brassy funk, illustrating the depth of P-TAB’s artistry as well as showcasing his NOLA roots.

Ely - better

With such an authentic sound and relatable vocals this song is so easy to fall for. The vocals have a great tone reminding us of a more raw Post Malone at times, and paired with an amazing beat of simple guitar and smooth percussion you’re gonna have a tough time taking this song off repeat!

Emawk - Later

Had a rough Monday? This song will be here for you, amazing vibes, great vocals and a really chill catchy chorus, Later by Emawk is just the song you need. With a relatable message this song will be one you have on repeat, just like we do! Be sure to check out the rest of Emawks music because everything he sings on will have you vibing for the rest of the day, definitely an artist to watch out for!

Dreaming Still - Jeremy Siegel (Ft. Madeline Mayi)

Born out of true creativity and imagination, Dreaming Still can only be described as a nostalgic experience of sound. Artist, producer and mixing engineer Jeremy honed his skills to form this cohesive package of dream-like melodies, inspiring lyrics, and symbiotic instrumentation. While it's always exciting to find a track that has truly been created from the ground up, Dreaming Still traverses genres and compels emotions on a journey through time, space and sound that asserts the power of artistic creation.


Adam22 Interviews the CEO of Soundcloud

We highly recommend checking out this interview. Soundcloud is an extremely important platform to us and the entire creative community. It’s a place to share your music, connect with fans, and really build a dedicated audience. Listen as Adam22 from No Jumper interviews Soundclouds CEO on how Soundcloud is here to stay and what the future holds.


BigNsmall & half-id - promises

BigNSmall are back again with a a beautiful masterpiece in collaboration with Half-ID, the initial voice is the former girlfriend of one of BigNSmall's members, after a long relationship he was left with out answers and turned to music to help express his feelings. Javue from Half-ID lays down amazing vocals over this emotional production that brings calm vibes to just about everyone who hears it.


What So Not - We Can Be Friends (ft. Herizen)

Very different from what we’re used to coming from What So Not, but we’re definitely l not complaining. The smooth synths and beautiful vocals from Herizen flow so well together, this is easy listening at it’s purest form. The message as said by Herizen is about "letting go of someone you love for the better and feeling all the pain in that detachment, with the hope that it could end in a friendship”. We’ve all had these emotions at one point and this song does a great job at capturing the emotions that go along with it.


GNDR - Can't Explain

Woah, that guitar…
Starting off this song just has everything you need in a killer future bass track. Smooth synths, big drums, airy vocals, a killer build up, and that drop oooff. GNDR absolutely smashed it on this release, combining amazing future bass with such clean guitar coming in on that second drop really setting this song apart from many in the genre that’s become over saturated with songs that are, well all to much the same.


G.O.D. (GRIND OR DIE) - BLVK JVCK & Flosstradamus (ft. Leat’ed)

Banger Alert! We already know Floss and BLVK JVCK are some of the hottest names in trap music - but they’ve truly outdone themselves with this one. 808-heavy doesn’t even begin to cover it. From its breakdowns, to its heavy use of hard-style synths and gritty kick, G.O.D. is exactly what you need to start your Friday night! Holla at the trap gods for bringing us these fire beats… I’ll have this one on repeat for months.


Ngyn x glasscat - Awake (ToonSquad x wvntd Remix)

For this remix, wvntd teams up with ToonSquad to bring us an upbeat take on ‘Awake’ through the introduction of a faster, bouncier bassline. Although the playful vibrations of their interpretation draw some emphasis away from the aerial quality of the original vocals, they also build upon the song’s depth - pulling you further into the compilation of sounds in a way that keeps you grooving along to the new beat without compromising any of the original’s emotional appeal.


Post Malone - Wow. (waitwhat Remix)

Don’t sleep on this… this remix masterfully fuses hip hop, trap, and future bass influences into the perfect vibe for any occasion. Its bouncy bass line and melodic guitar lead jam alongside groovy synths. The result is a mesmerizing symphonic flow that utilizes Post Malone’s distinct vocal quality and puts forth a visionary take on his widely successful music. waitwhat defies codified genres with this remix while staying true to their own unique sound. Be sure to check out their latest mixes for a ton of sick tunes you didn’t know you needed.


Motaki - Work This Out (ft. Jade Alice)

This song is sure to make you stop whatever you’re doing and listen. Coupling ethereal melodies with a powerful bass line, the ebb and flow of this atmospheric track will get you in your feels. Following the release of his self-titled debut album earlier last year, this compelling single closed out 2018 with a bang for Motaki. Work It Out suggests we should expect the unexpected from this rising artist. All I know is I'm 100% here for it and definitely not ready.