Rising Artist Interview: Besomorph

1. Give us a little background on who you are & where you're from.
My name is Besomorph, I am a 25 year old German music producer, who is currently doing music full-time!

2. When did you start making music and was there anything that influenced you in to get started?
I started making music long time ago (about 6 years). I started making Electro House as I was a big fan of Afrojack and Nicky Romero. I loved the powerful drops.

3. How have your influences changed from your start to your current position in the industry?
As music is a very personal thing, and your own character is developing /changing with time, this is also reflected in your music productions. My influences changed from the powerful party music to dark, emotional kind of music, with influences like Overwerk, the Weeknd and Gesaffelstein.

4. On to the new release, was there any inspiration that sparked the song? Can you give us a little insight on your creative process?
I am always inspired by my past and present emotions. The tracks I am producing are mostly being subconsciously controlled by my inner feelings and thoughts. You will mostly hear a dark and emotional side in the track, which develops into a heavy drop, which evokes emotion at the same time too.

5. Having a release through trap nation is definitely something that a lot of producers aspire to achieve, can you tell us a bit on how you got involved with them and how it's helped you in our career?
As soon as you reach a certain level and become a more common name in the scene, it will be easier to access contacts on that level. I benefit a lot from the releases, and you can see it as kind of a '‘level up’’ - it will bring you more respect in the scene as well. More people and labels starting hitting you up - who wouldn’t even have responded before.

6. Do you have any live shows coming up or any releases you'd like to talk about?
There is a release coming on Proximity on the 15th of November, which I am really proud of. The track is very different than my other tracks as it has a future poppy drop, which is more soft. And as proximity is not considered as a Trap Label, I am very proud to work together with them

7. If you could go back and give yourself some advice what would it be?
If I could go back and tell myself some advice it would be to never put all efforts/hopes on one track. Always spread it, as you may be wrong lots of times and to not get your hopes up as sometimes things will end in big disappointment.

8. What's something that helps you get over creative block if you ever experience it?
I don’t believe in creative blocks. Creativity is an ongoing never ending process. I would rather call it a‚‘lack of motivation’. Always take breaks when you feel you are getting bored or it is getting unhealthy (trust your gut feeling). Never put yourself into pressure and enjoy it! This will be reflected in your music!